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Construction Calculator++


The creators of top ranked Statistics Calculator++ for iPhone and Statistics Calculator+++ for iPad, present Construction Calculator++, designed for construction math solutions and unit conversions. 

Current Features:
  • Add, subtract, or convert linear measures with different units. The units include yard, feet, inches, inch fractions, meters, centimeters and millimeters.
  • Shows the expression as you enter and keeps a history of your calculations (Swipe up on the screen to reveal the history)  
  • Capability of performing fraction manipulations and converting between different formats (proper, improper, and mixed fractions) and seamless integration of fraction, integer, and decimal manipulations. 
  • Capability of inputting degrees, minutes, and seconds for angles and converting between degrees-minutes-seconds format and decimal format.
  •  The left pane scrolls to reveal more functionality without a need to switch modes. The digits and most common operations are always visible and the less common operations can be revealed by scrolling the left half of the screen.
  •   Sinusoidal functions can be calculated for angles in units of degrees, radians, or gradians.

Features in future updates:
  • Construction Calculator++ will include the following features as future updates. These updates will be available as soon as each feature is fully implemented and tested:
    • Multiplication and division of measures with different units.
    • Area and volume units addition, subtraction and conversion.
    • Rafter, roof, and framing solutions.
    • Hip, valley, jacks and rake-walls solutions.
    • Stair, risers, treads, stringer, and incline calculations.
    • Area, diameter, and circumference calculations for circles and arcs.


Construction Calculator++ Designed and Developed by 
Behzad Dogahe
Graphic Designed by 
Ali Mazloomzadeh
Icon Designed by
Gabriela Guasch