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Financial Calculator++


  • The creators of 5-star Scientific++, Statistics Calculator++, and Statistics Calculator+++ for iPad present Financial Calculator++, a financial calculator that has all the financial capabilities of the popular Texas Instruments BA II Plus (except for a few features that are outlined in this description and will be available in a later update.) 
  •  If you have used BA II Plus or any other mainstream financial calculator, you will feel right at home since we designed Financial Calculator++ as consistent as possible with those products. As a user of a financial calculator or a new user, you will find out that a lot of features in this app are implemented to simplify tasks and reduce the number of keystrokes. 
  •  All financial calculations can be performed on the keypad mode of the calculator. The bottom part of the screen shows the relevant variables depending on the type of the calculation being performed. 
  • Resetting, recalling, deleting, or reordering of the parameters and changing the settings are done in the menu mode which can be accessed by pressing the arrow keys. 
  •  Instructions for each financial calculation is included in the menu mode within the app.

  • Time value of money (TVM) calculations useful for mortgages, loans, leases, savings, and annuities. It can also produce amortization schedules.  
  • Cash flow analysis with capability of entering uneven cash flows with frequencies. Capability of reordering or deleting the cash flow values in a table view presentation and seeing the NPV and IRR updated as reordering or deleting of cash flow values happen.  
  • Depreciation calculates depreciation, remaining book value (RBV) and depreciable value (RDV) with different methods (Straight Line, Sum of the Years Digits, Declining Balance, and Declining Balance with cross-over to Straight Line) 
  •  Statistics performs statistics and regression analysis for one or two variables with four regression models. (In fact, Financial Calculator++ has all the statistics capabilities that earned our Statistics Calculator++ 5-star rating). 
  •  Date calculates number of days between dates. Dates can be entered using the keypad or using a date picker. 
  •  Percent change, compound interest, interest conversion, profit margin, breakeven are all included in the capabilities of Financial Calculator++. 
  •  If you are wondering how all of these fit on the screen, well, the left half of the screen scrolls to reveal more functions. 
  •  Bond calculations are not available in this version. 

    Other major features of Financial Calculator++ are as follows:

  • Shows the expression as you enter and keeps a history of your calculations (Swipe up on the screen to reveal the history) 
  • Capability of calculating permutation, combination, Least Common Multiple (LCM), and Greatest Common Divisor (GCD).
  • You are going to love the simplicity of the user interface and you will get used to the way financial calculations are performed in Financial Calculator++ very quickly. 
  •  Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions, comments, to report any bugs, or to suggest additional functions you would like to see in the upcoming updates.


Financial Calculator++ Designed and Developed by 
Behzad Dogahe
Graphic Designed by 
Ali Mazloomzadeh